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The Toxie Diaries: Halogenated Flame Retardants

HFR_320x480"Super Hot Mess"

That's the category we're nominated for at The Toxies! Love, love, love it! Will you be at the screening in Minneapolis?

Hey all! It's Deca-BDE -- that is, Minnesota Priority Chemical Deca-BDE -- here to give you an update on what all us Holgenated Flame Retardants have been up to. (The beautiful lady pictured here will rep us at the national awards!!)

Finally the whole family is being recognized for our important work, like affecting how childrens' brains develop, decreasing IQs and contributing to poor motor development.

And then there's that whole "linked to cancer" series we've been working on for quite some time.

What can I say, we have staying power. Once we're introduced on the scene, it takes a looooong time to for us to get out of people's bodies, like a song you can't get out of your head. "HBCD! It's easy as PBDE! As simple as TDCP, TCEP, TBBPA, Baby you and me girl!"

See what I mean?

Oh, it's gonna be great to have the whole gang together again for The Toxies. I'm curious to hear what roles Chlorinated Tris has nabbed since he was phased out of children's pajamas in the 70s. (Probable carcinogen.) I hear he's moved on to other nursery products, like car seats and nursing pillows.

It turns out we have more roles than some folks originally thought! A new study found us in 80% of baby products tested! What can we say, we're popular with the young crowd.

Anyway, before I take off, you should check out this video starring yours truly and my sis HBCD. It's gonna be on fire ALL OVER the interwebs!


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