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Valentine's Day at the capitol: A tale of two moms

This past Valentine's Day, Healthy Legacy took to the state capitol with a group of parents, kids and concerned citizens to talk to legislators about supporting policies that will protect the health of Minnesota children from toxic chemicals.

Two of our participants chronicled their day at the capitol to share it with all of you. Take a look!

Meredith: mom-to-be and Advocate at The Arc Greater Twin Cities


Meredith portrait

Ingredients for a perfect Valentine’s Day:  Flowers, chocolate…and a visit to the Minnesota State Capitol?! That’s right, folks, my V-Day included a trip to our Capitol building because I love Minnesota’s kids and want our fine state to implement policies to keep icky toxins out of their bodies. Read more from Meredith


Martha: mom and Resource Development Director for LDA Minnesota

Martha and son

Trying to explain to my 4-year-old what we were doing at the State Capitol on Valentine’s Day was a “parenting challenge.”  ...explaining why there are harmful chemicals in the stuff we buy at stores blew his mind.  “What?! How could that be?” was what his response would have been if he had found the words to match his incredulous expression. Read more from Martha



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